About Club & City

Based in sunny Los Angeles, California, known as the “world’s city”.

Club & City is a space dedicated to honoring the world’s many soccer cultures and clubs. Soccer is the world’s sport and we want to cover it from a “global lens”. Too often we feel like stories of clubs from lesser known countries or leagues aren’t told enough around the world due to the extreme popularity of Western European soccer leagues and the elite clubs that play in them.


This means that most soccer fans often only get exposed to the “tip of the iceburg” in terms of global soccer clubs and leagues.

Ultimately through this website we hope soccer fans from across the world gain a global perspective into the beautiful game. Club and City believes that every club and city has its own special and unique story and our job is to bring these stories to light.


So, thank you for subscribing to this new platform and following our soccer art on Instagram (@clubandcity). We hope you enjoy our content!unnamed.jpg