Miscellaneous Soccer News from around the World (August 6th-August 13th).

The club soccer world is always full of interesting headlines from countries all around the world. This week was no different.

Miami FC and Kingston Stockade file claim against USSF to take the pro-rel issue to the CAS. 

The pro-rel issue is a hot button topic that has often been up for debate ever since MLS was created in 1996.

The USA is in a much better position than it was in 1996 with a somewhat functional pyramid divided between five different leagues. The number of clubs has grown in this country and will continue to but the issue has become more divisive than ever, given MLS’s strong stance against pro-rel at the moment.

This issue was brought to the main stream again when Miami FC from the NASL (second division in USA) and the Kingston Stockade from the NPSL (fourth division in USA) filed a claim against the USSF to take the pro-rel issue to the court of arbitration for sport.

Their claim comes from the statute in FIFA’s constitution that states that all countries with multiple leagues must have pro-rel. They are taking the US States Soccer Federation to the CAS because the USSF is the only other power that can coerce MLS to implement pro-rel along with FIFA and CONCACAF.

This comes just after the news that MLS rejected a 4 billion dollar TV contract from Ricardo Silva (Miami FC’s owner) on the promise that MLS would implement pro-rel.

Neymar’s 248 million dollar transfer and the ramifications of it. 

If you haven’t heard by now, Neymar has officially left Barcelona for Paris St. Germain for 248 million dollars. It is by far the most expensive transfer in the history of the global game. The Brazilian superstar is the third best player in the world after Messi and Ronaldo.

This move has huge ramifications for European club football. PSG looks to be taking the next step to being on the same level as Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern while Barcelona looks to be going backwards due to their aging squad of legends and a lack of a plan on how to replace them.

The move by Neymar to PSG displays how much money is truly in the Western European game. So far in this summer transfer window, 4.1 billion euros have been spent on transfers around the world. However; the values of players in this transfer window have been especially skewed from transfers in Western Europe due to the extreme commercialization of the game.

The top 5 transfers alone (220 m + 84.7 m + 65 m + 57.5 m + 53 m) all from Western European clubs account for about 10% of the total value in this summer’s transfer market!

The gap between clubs in Western Europe and the rest is clear for all to see in this summer’s transfer window.

Yeovil’s humiliation. 

Yeovil Town was embarrassed this weekend after losing 8-2 to Luton Town in their opening match of League #2 in England. Yeovil released a statement after being humiliated and promised that all fans would be refunded for their away trip.

Clubs paying back fans after a humiliation is not an uncommon phenomenon in European club football.

Video Assistant Refereeing a success in Dutch Super Cup 

In the match between Feyenoord and Vitesse in the Dutch Super Cup, VAR was used and changed the outcome of the game in a good way.

VAR was used when a Vitesse player was taken down in the box by Feyenoord captain Karim El Ahmadi but it wasn’t called at first. Twenty seconds later Feyenoord scored on the counter putting the Dutch champions up 2-0. The goal was then called back by the VAR after it was clear the center ref did make a mistake in not calling the penalty when Vitesse was attacking the first time. The penalty was then given and Vitesse tied the game up at 1-1, only to lose to Feyenoord in PKs.

VAR did the right thing in this clearly wrong situation and that is a great thing, for the new system, which has come under a lot of heat lately after the Confederations Cup.

The 5th time, the charm for LAFC? 

The World Cup year has not treated the new MLS expansion team, LAFC very well. In the past two months LAFC has seen four of their designed player targets fall by the way side.

Mexican super striker Javier “Chicarito” Hernandez went to West Ham, Dutch playmaker Wesley Sneijder went to OGC Nice,  Japanese winger Keisuke Honda went to CONCACAF champions Pachuca, and Mexican midfielder Andres Guardado went to Real Betis.

Though all hope is not lost in the City of Angels. Real Sociedad and the Mexican national team’s attacking midfielder Carlos Vela is on his way to MLS’s newest expansion after reaching a deal today. This is just what LAFC is looking for in order to compete in the MLS. LAFC is getting the whole package, an experienced play maker that has respect in the Latino soccer market. A market that LAFC hopes to break into.


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